Year 4 Visit the Waltham Abbey District Museum

Year 4 were very excited to go to Waltham Abbey District Museum this half term.

First we explored the abbey grounds and Benjamin, who sings in the choir, told us all about the history of the abbey.  There has been a church there since 730AD. We are now on the seventh building, it is very impressive.

We walked down Sun Street and looked at the mosaics on the pavement.  The museum actually looked like a house.  We went straight upstairs to the classroom.  Where we handled Stone Age artifacts.  The oldest was a mammoth’s tooth.  Then we explored the rest of the museum in our groups.  Some people dressed up in the chain mail and historic costumes.

We enjoyed visiting the shop.  Walking back through the Abbey gardens we spotted an area that looked like a dungeon but was part of the old cloisters.

It was an interesting trip.

Year 4 Lane