An Action Packed Football Tournament for Our Girls

On Friday 15 November, the girls football team went to Barnet Power League to play a tournament. Year 6 had two groups of thirteen teams. We were in Group A. We won five games and drew one against St. Mary’s.  We scored 22 goals in total.  Sadly, we lost on countback.  We conceded six goals and St. Mary’s conceded three. We came second in our group but as it was a festival, every team received a gold medal.  I am very proud of our team performance we played some very tough teams but we didn’t give up.  Great teamwork.

Thank you to Mrs Lane for coaching and supporting us.                             


The Years 4 & 5 team were at the same tournament. We played against Norfolk House, Oaklands, St. Mary’s and Knightsbridge.  The teams played very well and we tied 1-1 on our last game.  Thank you to both Mrs Lane and Mrs Boultwood for coming and keeping us motivated all day.


Mrs Lane was extremely proud of all the girls they played brilliantly the whole way through. Special thanks to Nia who did not stop running.