Art Club Create Amazing Art Work Inspired By Kandinsky

This term we have been working on a joint project through-out the different art club groups.

We used the work of the Russian painter, Wassily Kandinsky, who has been credited as the pioneer of abstract art as the inspiration for our project.  We particularly looked at his piece – “Colour Studies: Squares with Concentric Circles – 1913”.

Kandinsky believed “colour was a means of exerting direct influence on the soul” and within our groups we discussed how colours could be associated with different times of the year and also with different moods and feelings.

We made the “Kandinsky Woods” by using pasta on the barks of the trees to create texture, we also used string to create tree knots in circles within the bark to reinforce our theme.  We experimented with different mediums to create the blossoms on the trees.  The finished pieces were mounted in each year groups work and I am sure you will agree that the overall effect is very enchanting and each tree is unique.