Infants (Ages 5 to 7)

In Years 1 and 2 our children build on their Foundation Stage skills.  They enjoy learning in a friendly, family environment and are taught by their class teacher for the majority of the time. They benefit from specialist teachers in PE, Science, French, ICT, Music and Dance.

Whole-school resources continue to be available, such as the large ICT Suite, Dance Studio/Music Room, Art Room and oak-panelled Library. Classrooms are equipped with an excellent range of learning resources and there are many opportunities for creative, social and emotional development. Great importance is attached to the acquisition of social skills and we encourage respect and consideration for others.

In Years 1 and 2 our children are taught within a happy and caring atmosphere in classes of around 20, each with a full-time support assistant. The move from Reception Class to Year 1 is an exciting time for children and the teachers work together closely to ensure a smooth passage.

We use the National Curriculum as a framework, while providing a broad and balanced learning experience for all children appropriate to their stages of development. Each child is treated as an individual and is given the opportunity to develop his or her abilities and talents to the full.

Progress is carefully assessed and is communicated through written reports and Parents’ Evenings. We aim to foster excellent links between home and school and welcome the chance to discuss the children’s progress with parents.