Learning and Teaching at the Seniors

How we Deliver an Excellent Education

  • Enjoyment of school. We emphasise creative and active learning and aim to be a place without unnecessary stress or pressure.
  • Academic success is something we expect our pupils to aim for so that they can fulfil their potential and move on to happy and fulfilled futures after Coopersale Hall, and be proud of their achievements.
  • Wellbeing has always been a core value at Coopersale Hall. We support our pupils to become confident, tolerant, and articulate young adults. We will give them the tools to build their self-esteem and provide a compassionate and supportive environment.
  • Preparing pupils for the future is central. The world requires young people to have a passion for learning and the right skills to be innovative, creative and take risks, as well as to work effectively in teams, appreciate diversity and have a strong sense of who they are to find their place in the world.

Key Stage 3

Years 7 to 9 (11 to 14 years)

From the start of the seniors our learning and teaching develops the knowledge, skills and understanding to become successful students at GCSE. Pupils become familiar with the ways in which learning is assessed and they are encouraged to develop their independent learning and research skills through the curriculum.

In Year 9, pupils are asked about their GCSE options and these are timetabled to be taught post the May half-term giving pupils an excellent initial grounding in this important examination phase of their educational journey.

GCSE Key Stage 4

Years 10 and 11 (14 to 16 years)

The curriculum comprises of a group of traditional core subjects and the selection of three other subjects from the optional subject list. GCSEs are demanding and pupils need full attendance and a personal willingness to accept advice from teaching staff if they are to maximise their opportunities.

Year 10 pupils are given an Assessment Profile at the end of the autumn term identifying working grades and aspirational grades based on current performances. Parents meetings, further written feedback and target tracking is also used to guide performance.

Appropriate careers and school guidance is delivered to our Year 10 pupils and references for applications to join local independent or state schools, including predicted grades, are prepared early in the autumn term of Year 11. Mock GCSE examinations are taken at the end of Year 10 and in Year 11 giving time for revision before the public examination series which always commences in May.