Amazing Young Musicians

We are so proud of our young musicians during this time. It can be incredibly difficult to learn an instrument, especially when you don’t have a teacher there to help, but our pupils have given it their all and their hard work has certainly paid off!

Amelia’s Poem

Year 3 pupil, Amelia, has created a fantastic poem called ‘Zoom Time’, about working from home. Well done, Amelia! Zoom Time The world has changed I’m stuck at home Thanks to Zoom, I’m not alone! Out the window the flower are in bloom No time to dilly dally I’ll join…

Year 4 Lane Class

4Lane have been producing some fantastic work whilst home learning! They have been making some lovely, colourful rainbows, painting Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night and Sunflower pictures, building bridges and even creating marble runs in their garden, writing news reports and acrostics on sharks and even making mocktails! Keep up…

Rooks Home Learning

Year 1 Rooks have been completing some wonderful work at home. They have been creating healthy snacks for PSHE, exploring and making 2D shapes around the home and even designing outdoor art in the style of Andy Goldsworthy. Great work, Rooks!

PE With Milo

We are so proud of Year 2 pupil Milo, who is raising money for the NHS after being inspired by Joe Wicks. Milo has been doing PE with Joe Wicks since school closed. In April, Joe used a spinning wheel to choose what exercises should be done and Milo thought…

Music Challenge

For their music lessons, Mr R-S asked Year 5 and 6 to create an original piece of music in Bandlab, using a given image for inspiration. Some fantastic compositions were made, below are Emily and Arthur’s examples. Well done everyone!

Building Bridges

Year 4 are learning how bridges are designed and made. They conducted a fair test to see if they could make a paper bridge stronger. They then constructed their own bridges from recyclable materials. Good work Year 4!

A Starry Night

The children in Year 4 are studying Vincent Van Gogh. They have learnt about his life and researched some of his paintings. They also tried to replicate ‘A Starry Night’. Here are some examples of their finished work, they look incredible!

Nathan’s Successful Seedling Sale

“For my event for the Oak-Tree Challenge I planned to do a Seedling Sale at school. I planted seeds back in January and have given them tender loving care since then.  I planted a variety of vegetables and fruit, including tomatoes, courgettes and Petit Pan. I was going to sell…