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iPad Fun In Year 4 Maths

Year 4 pupils had fun using the new school iPads in their maths lesson. They played a game called ‘Hit the Button’, where they had to quickly select the correct answers to various questions on times tables, number bonds, and subtraction and division problems. They enjoyed challenging themselves to beat…

Golf Club

Our Golf Club is back in full swing this term. Year 6 pupils enjoy being able to play at Epping Golf Course, and practice their game with our own professional coach. The club is always so popular with our pupils, and is once again fully booked for this year!

3C’s Boggarts

3Crick loved making their own ‘boggart’ characters using natural resources they found on the school grounds. They thought of adjectives to describe their boggarts and are all ready to write fantastic imaginative stories about their boggarts in lesson! Great work, 3C!

Year 4 Stone Age Cave Art

The children in Year 4 have started their new history topic, The Stone Age. This week they became hunter-gatherers and foraged in the school grounds for things they could use to create some cave art. They found various objects that could be used to create colour and texture – moss,…

Year 3 Picnic

Year 3 had a lovely time enjoying the warm weather this afternoon. They had a picnic on the school field, with a selection of yummy sandwiches and fruit to choose from, and some crisps as a treat!

UKC Activities

UKC have been enjoying their lessons so far this week. They had fun in their first music session with Mrs Bragg and then went for a walk around the school grounds to collect some leaves for their Autumn display!

Reception’s New Maths Scheme

Reception enjoyed trying out the new Maths scheme this morning. The hands-on activities help the children learn and to apply their learning to real-world examples. Keep up the good work, Reception!

‘Kind Words’ Assembly

Miss Barnard gave a great assembly this morning all about kind and hurtful words. She explained that words can make us feel happy or sad, even when the words are coming from our friends. It was a great way to help the children understand why it is so important for…

Year 3 Maths Fun

Year 3 had a great first two days starting in the Juniors last week. They enjoyed getting to know their new class mates whilst playing fun Maths games!