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Home Learning Gallery

A big thank you to all of our pupils and families who are working hard during home learning. We have loved receiving pictures of pupils completing their work, including maths, geography, PE, art and music work! Keep up the great work everyone.

Keyworker Children Activities

Pupils at school enjoyed going on a scavenger hunt of the school grounds to collect materials to make their own fantastic creations. They have also enjoyed some PE activities in the hall, coloring in dinosaurs to make a classroom display and concentrating during some online learning. Well done all!

Christmas Crafts in Reception Marks

The children have been very busy in Reception Marks. They have been looking at weight in Maths and using scales which they all found very enjoyable! They also got very crafty getting ready for Christmas making Christmas cards and taking part in lots of different Christmas art activities.

Christmas Production 2020

Pupils had so much fun performing their Christmas production. They loved dancing and singing along to all the songs. Look out for the link to watch their production!

Hot Chocolate Friday

Hot Chocolate Friday is still proving to be very popular with all the pupils at Coopersale Hall. Miss Barnard had a very busy day today rewarding all those deserving of a warming hot chocolate on this dreary day. Well done to all of this week’s winners!

Year 5 Learn About Tudor Food

Year 5 have been busy doing cross-curricular learning about Tudors in their History, Maths and DT lessons this week. In History, pupils learned about Tudor food; the differences in food for the rich and poor and then some differences from 2020. In Maths, the children weighed vegetables as part of…

Year 1 Fractions

In Maths, Year 1 have been learning about half and quarter fractions. They started by separating counters into either a half or quarter of the overall amount and then moved on to pizza toppings! They had to decide what toppings to put on half of their pizzas and what toppings…