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Year 4 Flint Hunting

The children in Year 4 went looking for pieces of flint during their history lesson recently. They discovered that it is very smooth and glass like on the inside and quite rough on the exterior. They learned how Stone Age people became very skilled at ‘flint knapping’ and that they…

3C’s Smoothies

3Crick thoroughly enjoyed their English lesson where they made their own smoothies. They used a range of different fruits, and even some vegetables. They then wrote their own instructions on how to make the perfect smoothie. Well done 3C!

Tennis Club

Last week, our Tennis Club met for the second time. Pupils from Years 4, 5 & 6 enjoyed playing tennis on the astro turf. They enjoyed practicing their serving skills in the sunshine and then competing against each other in a match before the session ended. Great work, everyone!

School Council Members 2020-2021

Well done to our pupils who are on the School Council this year.  We look forward to all of their hard work! The members are: Ahad                     Year 6 Oliver                    Year 5 Rohan                   Year 5 Francesca            Year 4 Anna                     Year 4 Simran                  Year 3 Jack                       …

Year 1 Biddle

Year 1 Biddle enjoyed going across to the field for their science lesson. They have been learning about senses, and for this lesson they were focusing on sound. They had to listen very carefully to what they could hear and then write it down. They have also enjoyed taking part…

UKD Activities

Upper Kindergarten Dawson have been enjoying their outside activities recently. They went fishing in their outdoor area and loved catching the ducks and working together to get as many as possible! They also loved practicing their yoga poses. They looked at doing Autumn type poses and enjoyed being bears in…

Year 5 Chair Drumming

Year 5 enjoyed a very fun music lesson learning how to chair drum! They were concentrating really hard to get the drum beats right and sounded great in the end. Well done, Year 5!

Netball Club

Pupils who attend our netball club enjoyed their practice session this week. They worked hard practicing their shooting and defence skills and then had fun playing a game against each other at the end of the session.