Bancroft’s Swimming Gala

Report by Mollie, Ben and Oliver

On Wednesday 24 April we took part in Bancroft’s Swimming Gala. When we arrived everyone in Year 4 was nervous. We all got changed, the girls in the girls’ changing rooms and the boys in the boys’ changing room. There were three heats. Coopersale was in heat two. Ben Brown went first for Coopersale Hall in lane one. Ben came first and got into the finals. Oliver was in the Breaststroke 25m race. He did really well because there were some tough people against him. He managed to come third but didn’t get into the final. It was Mollie Downes swimming next and she was freaking out. Mollie was doing Freestyle, she succeeded and qualified for the final like Ben. Mollie was so, so happy.

The Relays were starting and the first race was a Medley. Ben went first and had a blinding start on Backstroke, next was Oliver who was doing Breaststroke and was second by the time he got to Mollie. Mollie was great she kept us in second. Then it was Max’s turn, Max won it for us. In the Freestyle Relay race Mollie went first and got us into third place, then Oliver set off and kept us in third. Ben set off and got us into second place. Lastly, Max set off and came first. We all got out of the pool and were very, very happy because we had got into the finals. The next race was the Squadron Relay. This race included a lot of people. There were two Year 3s and two Year 4, 5 and 6s. We had Imogen swimming first, then Avni, third Ben, forth Mollie, fifth Sienna, sixth Anya, seventh Joe and last was Reece. However, sadly we didn’t make it into the final. In Ben’s final he came second, the girl beat him by just one second.

Then it was Mollie’s turn, she was in lane three! She swam great and came first. Mollie didn’t realise she had won until Mrs Knowles gave her a number one then she knew she had won. It was the final Relays. Ben swam Backstroke, Oliver breaststroke, Mollie Front Crawl and Max Front Crawl, we came second. The last relay was Front Crawl and we came second again. Thank you to Mr Robinson and Mrs Knowles for taking us to the gala.