Cross Country Report

We did extremely well at Claybury Cross Country League. In total there were about 80 children in each race. I came 8th, Ruby ran an excellent race and came 20th, Darcy flew round the course and came an amazing 28th. Taylor did amazingly and came 38th, Lily-ann did incredibly well and came in the good place of 55th and finally Arwin, despite falling over, came an outstanding place of 43rd.

In the boys race, Harry ran extremely well and came 19th, Harrison sped around the course and came a brilliant place of 24th. Ronnie ran a really good race and finished in the suburb place of 27th. Alex W who ran the race really well finished the race in 28th place, Mikey, who came 29th, did really well. Alex K ran a really good race and came an excellent place of 31st, and David did an outstanding job and came 72nd.

I would like to give the team a big congratulations and a big well done. I would also like to say a big thank you to Mr Robinson and the minibus driver!

By Lily