A Visit from the Recycling Truck

On Monday 8 May we had a visit from the Epping Recycling Lorry displaying the winning posters that were picked from school children in our area.

The competition was about not dropping litter on the streets of our home town.  The winners were Mollie from Year 2 and Ava from Epping Primary.  We were told there would be a fleet of twenty Lorries that had the posters on them.

The Lorries are very modern now and it separates glass and paper recycling into different compartments.  The lorry driver showed us different controls on the side of the lorry.  He also explained about the safety prop which was there to keep workers safe.  The Lorries are now also fitted with video cameras to help the driver see clearly around the lorry before it moves away from the curb.

We were amazed at the amount of recycling tonnage that each lorry could hold.

Look out for the Lorries around Epping and remember Mollie’s slogan:

“If you put your litter in the bin you’ll have a prettier town to live in”.

By Year 4 Lane.