Year 3’s Epping Forest Studies

On Wednesday 3 May, pupils in Year 3 enjoyed a fun day out at the Epping Forest Field Study Centre at High Beach, Loughton.

During the day the children took part in a range of activities including identifying different types of trees, understanding the important elements for healthy plant growth and learning to use a compass to navigate around the forest.

The pupils particularly enjoyed learning outdoors in the natural environment of the forest.

“My favourite game was where we were all acorns and we had to run around and collect the five things a plant needed like air, soil, warmth, rain and sun.”  Isabella 

“I discovered that a holly bush has spiky leaves at the bottom so animals cannot eat them!”  Joseph

“Our second activity was my favourite. What you had to do was a person in your group was blind-folded and the other person led you to a tree. To identify the tree you could smell, touch, reach high as you could, feel where the bottom was and hug the tree to see how wide it was!”  Elizabeth

“We went orienteering.  It was so tricky but my group came first even though  we were the second group to take off!”  Jaden