Empty Classroom Day

Rain did not stop play on Empty Classroom Day, held within the school grounds on Friday 19 May.

Coopersale Hall School joined many other schools within the UK and around the world to take part in an exciting outdoor learning event with the aim to get as many children as possible outside for at least one lesson in the school day. Besides lessons taking place outside of the classroom, there was also an outdoor library for the children to enjoy at playtimes and to share and explore a range of different texts including magazines and puzzle books.

Every class took part in at least one lesson outside of the classroom and enjoyed opportunities to learn within the wonderful grounds of the school.

Upper Kindergarten: The children spent a lesson observing wildlife and measuring the length of a blue whale!

Transition: In their lesson, Transition got a better understanding   of the position of hands on the clock when reading the time.  This helped them to think about the shape and formation of numbers.

Transition B: Transition Biddle took their art lesson outside where the children had fun making chameleon pictures.

Year 1: The children made use of the outdoor library and enjoyed reading books in an outdoor environment. Tegan especially liked the lesson and commented “It’s so calm.”

1A: The pupils created a whole class sculpture in the style of Andy Goldsworthy.

2D:  Year 2 also got the opportunity to visit the outdoor library and said “It was the best library visit ever!”

They even managed to do some computing outdoors! The children learnt to be able to accurately program Probots and Beebots. Being outside gave them a great amount of space to work with, it was a real success.

3W: Year 3W decided to make use of the whole school grounds as part of their outdoor learning. They spent a lesson outside learning about the trees that are dotted around the school grounds and used different implements to measure the circumference of the trees along with their age.

Year 4: In DT, pupils were given two tasks; first to build a bridge so a toy car could cross a 60cm gap, and second they had to support as much weight as possible in the centre of the bridge.