The Lion King

The final curtains have now been drawn on the Junior Production of The Lion King. So much time and effort was put into producing the show and the packed audiences across two days of performances could certainly see the fruits of the pupils’ and staff’s labour.

It was a colourful and energetic show filled with fantastic acting, wonderful singing from the main characters and chorus, as well as some of the most amazing costumes, masks and set that have been seen at Coopersale Hall. The audience could see how much the children not only enjoyed being on stage but enjoyed working backstage too, as the sound and lighting crew were also pupils!

There were some fantastic musical items including ‘Circle of Life’ and ‘Hakuna Matata’. Some of the songs were even accompanied by a gymnastic display!

Well done to everyone who took part. We are a very proud school to have such talented and hard working pupils, and we’ll take the standing ovation as proof that the rest of the audience felt the same!