Felsted School Science Day

“On Saturday 14 October, Emma, Charlie, Ben and I went to Felsted School Science Day 2017. This year they had a Harry Potter theme and they nicknamed the school ‘Felspell School’. When I arrived I got a name badge and an envelope with my name on it. I walked into the common room and opened the letter. Inside it had a booklet with an acceptance letter, a timetable for day and some charts on the experiments that we were going to do.

At 9.30am the event started. I was really excited. All of the different schools were split up into two groups. Our group went to ‘Potions’ first where we used fire sources called Bunsen burners. I was partnered with Emma and we lit a Bunsen burner together. I placed copper in the flame and the flame turned green, it looked amazing! Magnesium was next on the list to go into the Bunsen burner, when it was placed into the working flame a big white light shone and the magnesium crumbled to ashes. Everyone wrote down their recordings.

Our next class was ‘Charms’. We used baking soda and water to make invisible ink and wrote messages on paper. I put mine in an oven like machine to dry. Once they were done I put it on a really hot heated surface and the message started to appear in yellow!

After a break we had a ‘Herbology’ lesson. Emma and I were partners again and we were testing liquids to see if they were acids, alkaline or neutral. First I chopped up some red cabbage and added water to it. Emma and I then ground it with a pestle and mortar until the water was navy blue. We then funnelled the mixture into a beaker and squirted one pipette of it into each of the test tubes that contained the acid, alkaline or neutral liquid. If the liquid turned read it was an acid, if it stayed blue it was neutral and if it turned green it was alkaline.

After lunch we had our last experiment called Rainbow Fizz. To make the Rainbow Fizz I put a bit of washing up powder into the test tube and added water. I shook the test tube until the powder dissolved. The next thing to do was put universal indicator in it and shake it until the mixture was purple. Then the exciting thing happened. I dropped little drops of vinegar into the tube very slowly and it started fizzing and the colours of the rainbow appeared at the bottom!

I loved the Felspeel School of Witchcraft and Wizardry! ”

Kimaya Year 5H