Out of the Box Club

This term Out of the Box  activities included ‘Clay Play’ where  the children created a Tree Gallery outside.

The children pressed a clay background onto the bark, then shaped and imprinted texture and pattern using their fingers, palms and natural objects, such as twigs and fruits.

Picture 1: Savannah’s dog is being decorated using a twig.

Picture 2: Ruby carefully selected sycamore ‘wings’ and leaves of different shapes and colours for her star.

Picture 3: Alina used her fingers to shape her cat’s head. She made its features pushing in twigs.

Picture 4: Alex likes circles so he experimented with a variety of items he found to make rings and dots.

Picture 5: Honor and Evie discovered that a criss-cross pattern made with a twig gave their clay ice-cream a textured cone. Red seeds became strawberry sprinkles and a crispy brown horse chestnut leaf “flake” topped this muddy treat.

Picture 6: Clara’s portrait of Mrs Hulbert had stylish curly grass eyelashes and a leafy mop of brown hair to make it unmistakeable!

Thanks to Miss Rooks and all the artists for another fun session!