Year 2 Assemblies

Year 2 have entertained us recently with a couple of great assemblies.

2C enjoyed showing what a day in the life of a Year 2 pupil looked like. They shared lots of information from some of their favorite lessons. This included a fantastic Maths showcase where they wowed the audience with their times table skills and some wonderfully descriptive English work based on the snow. In History the children shared some of their most interesting facts about a range of famous people and performed a fantastic poem based on Henry VIII’s wives. As part of PHSE the children thought carefully about what qualities they want in their friends and beautifully sang ‘Count on Me’.

The whole class of 2D worked together to perform a fantastic assembly on Thursday 22 March. It was about ‘Learning is Fun’. All the children sang and performed beautifully, showing a lot of confidence on stage. Everyone really enjoyed it, well done 2D.