Outdoor Pursuits Week by Taylor and Darcey


On Monday 14 May Years 5 and 6 went to Stubbers. It was great fun. We were split into four groups. Two groups of Year 6 and two groups of Year 5. We all did the same activities but at different times. My group had lots of fun doing our first activity which was sailing. There were either two or three in a boat. We all had a job to do in the boat. One person would be in control of the steering, one person would have to have the roll of holding the sail and if you had three people in a boat the third person would have to sit in the middle to balance the boat. (They would also get a wet bottom as water would be coming in. But only a little came into the boat).

The next activity my group did was paddle boarding. Paddle boarding is where you have a board and a paddle each. There are three stages. The first stage is sitting on it and using your paddle to move. The second stage is where you go on to your knees and paddle. Finally, the last stage is where you stand up on your board. People fell of and people jumped off. It was great fun. We had a delicious lunch and then moved on to our last activity which was raft building. This was all about team work. Each team worked well together to make the raft. The equipment they used was rope, logs and barrels. Each team got their rafts floating on the water and they rode on it. A while later, some rafts sank but some stayed above the water. Everyone had a great day.

Forest Walk

On Tuesday 15 May Year 5 and 6 went on a forest walk. We walked for 1 hour and stopped off twice to explore that part of the forest. Lots of the children made dens and played games. Everyone had so much fun. We also had lots of chats and found it really relaxing. Some of the children could identify the different birds, plants and trees. We had such a lovely day and we are so glad we went.


On Wednesday 16 May Years 5 and 6 went to Kingswood in Norfolk.  We all got on to the coach all excited while waving our parents good-bye. We travelled for an hour and half then we stopped off at Pensthorpe Nature Park where we looked around and fed and saw lot of different ducks from all different countries. It was really interesting.

We then got back on the coach and 30 minutes later, we were there. We all went up to our really spacious rooms and quickly unpacked. We then did an activity.  Each group did multiple activities which were Aero Ball, Laser Tag, Leap of faith, Obstacle Challenge, Archery, Orienteering, Beach Activities, Night Line, Camp Fire and Mini Olympics etc. These activities were spread over the three days we were there. Each and every one was really fun.

The food was delicious and every meal was different. We had a lot of independence there and we enjoyed it. It was the last Kingswood for the Year 6 and we could not have wished for a better time. We are really thankful that we went on this trip.

We had a lovely journey back too. We even got to watch The Greatest Showman. Thank you to all the teachers for taking us on this amazing trip.

By Taylor and Darcey