Plastic Fantastic!

Yes, plastic really is a fantastic material, but we are all aware of the hazards plastics pose once discarded? We all do our best to recycle, but some plastics go straight in the bin to landfill…

So it is with great pleasure that we are asking you to donate specific plastic items e.g. plastic milk tops, that might otherwise go to a landfill site. You can find details of what can be donated on the flyers that have gone home, plus there is one up in the courtyard by the back door.

Our children have kindly volunteered to help out by sorting the plastic into bags to be collected by two charities taking part in this project. Ellie’s Fund supports research into childhood brain cancers, and Lupus UK funds research for lupus sufferers. Through this appeal we hope to help our planet and some of those less fortunate than ourselves with whom we share it.