Whole School Victorian Day

Last week the whole school enjoyed a Victorian theme day, taking part in a huge range of Victorian activities throughout the year groups. Everyone loved the chance to dress up as Victorian school children, with even the teachers getting involved with the costumes.

The children in Upper Kindergarten worked hard making peg dolls and then collecting elderflowers from the grounds before making a delicious elderflower cordial and ‘brown bread hoky poky’ All three Upper Kindergarten children enjoyed these treats together outside. Year 2 spent the day at Victorian school learning the 3 R’s, using chalkboards and playing hopscotch. They were shocked to find out that Victorian children were made to stand in the corner wearing a ‘dunce’ hat and were punished with a cane if they were naughty.

Transition Rooks listened to facts about how children in Victorian times were taught in school and how they had to behave and enjoyed learning new skills, including sewing.  They particularly found the daily exercise drills fun to take part in!

Everyone really got into the spirit of the day, and loved finding out what it was like to live in Victorian times.