The Sound Collector – Year 4

The children in Year 4 have been reading a variety of poetry. They studied ‘The Sound Collector’ by Roger McGough and used the format to write their own poems in a similar style.

First the children went on a collecting sounds walk in our beautiful grounds. They used these sounds in their own poems.

Below are some examples of their work:

Sound Poem

I walk to school every day and hear the motorway.  A girl walked to school dressed in yellow and green she listened to the sounds and admired the beautiful scene.

The screaming of the children, the talking of the teacher, the beep of the buttons like the noise of a creature.

The footsteps of the teachers, the chatting of the school girls in the hall, the chattering of the kitchen pans as the cooks pile up the trays.  A girls goes home today taking all sounds away.


The Sound Collectors

A stranger called this morning dressed all in black and grey, put every sound into a bag and carried them away.

The dripping of the tap, the creaking of the door, the flushing of the toilet, the stepping on the floor.

The pouring of the water, the crunching of the leaves, the men using the saws, the wind blowing in the trees.  The noise of children shouting in the dining hall, the burning of the oven, noises in our school.

A stranger called this morning he didn’t leave his name, left us only silence, life will never be the same.