Exploring the Incredible World of Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl very much came back to life on Tuesday 12 February when Year 4 visited his home town – Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire. The children had a wonderful, exciting time exploring the ‘BOY and SOLO’ galleries at the museum.  They learnt about his life as a boy and his adult life.  There was great excitement when they dressed up as characters from his books.

Later the classes worked on their own Roald Dahl baddie characters.  They worked in pairs to edit their work.

Mrs Warthog

Mrs Warthog was a horrible old lady, she had warts on her face, warts on her fingers and warts on her toes.  Mrs Warthog was feared by all the children.  She ruined lunch times when lunch times were supposed to be fun.  She had a horrible long sharp nose, with hairs on the tiniest tip of her nose, which caused it to stick out and make it look like a bushy moustache.  Mrs Warthog had big bushy eyebrows, which she never trimmed.  She was a plump lady but her fashion taste was bad, she wore white clothes with a black apron but the worse part was the red skull placed on the side of the apron.

Riya and Sorrel          

Wilda My Wicked Baby-Sitter

Wilda was my cruel baby-sitter, she was as ugly as a dirty toad.  Her hands warty as a witch.  The way she treated me was as if I was as dirty and as squinchy as mud.  My Mum and Dad were at work all day so I was stuck with Wilda.  The reason she got hired was because she said in a croaky frightening voice, “I will look after your child!!!”

If I left something on the floor she would get a stick from the garden and hit me on my hand, even worse if I left the smallest bit of dirt on the floor when I came in from the garden she would lock me out in the garden and leave me there all day!  I really hated this women, thank goodness I am an adult now and do not need a baby-sitter anymore!

Emily and Stanley