The Recorder Karate Assembly was a Belter!!

The school hall was packed this morning with parents and pupils enjoying music by years 1 and 2 on their recorders. Mr Reich-Storer has brought in a fantastic new scheme this year called ‘Recorder Karate’ which was been assisting the years 1 and 2 with their musical progress.

Recorder Karate is a self-paced recorder instruction method that teaches basic techniques . Pupils learn to be musically literate and what it means to be a contributing member of an instrumental ensemble. At the heart of this method is a positive reward system in which pupils receive coloured “karate belts” to attach to their recorders for each progressively more difficult tune. When the pupil demonstrates that he or she is able to play a song, he or she receives the belt and ties it to the end of the recorder and starts working on the next song in line. Acquiring these belts is a fun way to motivate the pupils to work hard in order to gain more belts.

The pupils performed a handful of songs that they have been recently working on in order to acquire their belts and everyone enjoyed it. Well done everyone!