Our Colourful School

Year 2 Crick have enjoyed exploring colour this week. They went on a colour walk around the school and had lots of fun finding out how colourful our school is. They imagined what it would be like to live in a dull school and all agreed that it would be rather boring. Together as a class they wrote a beautiful poem about our colourful school. Year 2 Crick also completed fantastic observational drawings looking at the colours in nature.

Our Colourful School

Yellow is the bright, scorching sun shining on us whilst we play,

Yellow is the colour of the daffodils on this delightful Spring day.

Green are the bushes where we hide and have fun,

Green is the colour of fresh, dewy grass where we run.

Blue is the boys in blue that help make our school shine,

Blue is the colour of the clear sky which is utterly divine

Red are my best friend’s cheeks as they play with me,

Red is the colour of the little ladybird that crawls up a tree.