Fun in Out of the Box Club

Tuesday’s Out-Of-The-Box club is always packed with varied, fun and interesting activities. We are set challenges, sometimes to carry out on our own, such as finding colours in Nature to match to a crayoned colour chart (see photos, it was astonishing to realise the range of colours that occur naturally!)

Some days we work as a team, combining our energy and creativity to tackle a challenge. Sometimes we work in pairs. In the guided trail (see photo). Each child takes turns to guide a blindfolded partner around a woodland trail, following a woollen strand between trees and bushes. The guide needed to be really good at giving directions, as walking over rough ground without using our strongest sense of sight is really hard! We love exploring and having fun in our beautiful school grounds. My thanks to Miss Rooks for all her help and support and, particularly, thanks to all the children for their enthusiasm and enjoyment!

Mrs Hulbert