Year 3 Trip to the Imperial War Museum

Year 3 Graves and Year 3 Davis  visited the Imperial War Museum on Thursday 16 May and Friday 17 May. The children really enjoyed looking at the artefacts including the rockets and tanks on display. All the children were so well behaved and a pleasure to take out for the day. Let’s hear about what Sophie, Alex and Max have to say about their trip.

“On Thursday 16 May we went to the Imperial War Museum.  We got the mini bus to Epping station. We travelled to Oxford Circus, then changed to the Bakerloo line through to Lambeth North to the museum.

After having our snack, we put our bags away and went looking for  World War 2 objects. We went downstairs and saw a car that was blown up.  We also saw a doodle bug hanging from the roof along with a Spitfire and a Jump Jet. The V2 bomb plane was huge. The Lancaster Bomber only had the front of the plane because it is too big.

The WW2 toys are quite different from ones we have today. There was a scooter made out of rubble. We also saw an x-ray machine that I would not like to have an x-ray in.

We went outside for lunch and then went into the park. When we returned inside we saw the tanks and an anti aircraft gun. We travelled home on the tube and Louis, Max, Alina and Alex fell asleep. When we got back to Epping station we got the mini bus back to school and then went home.  We all had a lovely day.”

Sophie, Alex & Max