A Visit to Ada Cole Horse Stables

“On Wednesday 5 June the School Council took a trip to the Ada Cole Horse Stables which is about a fifteen minute drive from our school. (This is one of the last charities that our school shall be fundraising for this year).  Everyone had fun taking part in mini vet sessions where we listened to horse’s heart beats and had to record how many beats we heard in thirty seconds then times it by two. The ladies there showed us how to check horses for lumps and rate their physical appearance ranging from 1-5, 1 being poor (skinny or looking unwell) and 5 meaning that they should be monitored (obese or over weight).

After taking a tour of the site and admiring the beauty of these stunning animals, we all had a refreshing drink and snack at the cafe and then went on to have a look in the gift shop.  A huge well done to all of the School Councillors for making such a an effort to contribute their own or their classes ideas in our meetings and every single member of the School Council deserved a lovely trip like this.  Let’s make this last fundraising event the best one yet!”