Visit to the Evergreen Centre in Pelly Court

On Thursday 26 September, Year 5 went to Pelly Court.  It was quarter to one and we were all getting ready to hop on the minibus. When we arrived at our destination, we had to wait for the other class to get to Pelly Court before we could go into the Centre. When we were ready, we walked into the Evergreen Centre curiously because we were all excited to see what it would look like. There in front of us was a small hall with lots of elderly people sitting on chairs. Then Mrs Howard said, “Thank you for letting us come to visit and I hope you enjoy the singing and goody bags”.  We started singing Harvest Rock and Roll then our next song was Harvest Time. I think the elderly really enjoyed our singing because after there was a huge round of applause.

I then picked up a goody bag and walked over to a kind and smiley looking lady I gave her the goody bag and she was so pleased because it was her first year at the Evergreen Centre.  She was so excited I could almost see bubbles bubbling up inside her as she looked into the Coopersale Hall bag.  I talked to her for a while and after and she said thank you for talking to me I have really enjoyed it.

After I talked to another lady called Margaret and found out she was an evacuee in World War 2.  I had a great time at the Evergreen Centre. We then got back onto the minibus and came back to school. It was such a cool experience and I am definitely going back to visit.


On Thursday 26 September all of Year 5 visited the members of the Evergreen Centre. To start off we sang harvest songs. The members were all enjoying it, some of them were even joining in!  We bowed and they gave one huge round of applause. After we all chose one elder person to give a bag of food too. I gave my bag to a very polite man, he thanked me and started to ask some questions like “What are all those badges for?” and “Are you enjoying Year 5 so far?” I answered them, but his head was already in the bag, “Oh this looks tasty, yes my favourite!”  He thanked me one last time and off I went.  It was now time for a little break, there was a big table full of Halloween sweets, chocolates, gummy bears and mini eggs.  There was also a table full of drinks.  Soon it was time to go, but luckily for us we will be coming back at Christmas time.  On the minibus I sat next to Salome.  Before I knew it we were back at school. What a quick journey and what an amazing day.