St. Edmund’s Taster Day

On Tuesday 8 October Year 6L went to St. Edmund’s College.  We set off on the coach at around 8.30am.  Forty minutes later we had arrived at the scenic gates of St. Edmund’s.  We walked through the front door and into the main hall where we met the person who gave us information and showed us where to go.

We first learnt about the history of the school and about the martyrs and the saints who went there. The houses are named after the surnames of some of the famous people who went to this school.  We then went through to the chapel, which had astonishing stained glass windows.  Our first lesson of the day was RE.  We did a word search about the Good Samaritan and filled in the gaps on an ingredient sheet of how to make a good person.  After that, we did games, which was gym. There were treadmills, places to do sit-ups and much more.  Our teacher for this activity was Mr Plummer who was a former student of this school. We then had a music lesson.  The music room was stunning.  We learnt different rhythms and sung some songs.

At 12.30pm, we went down to lunch and had roast chicken, with a flapjack as dessert. The food was scrumptious and I finished it very quickly.  After lunch, we had question and answer time.  We learnt a lot about the homework, boarding and lessons.  Before we knew it, the class was on the coach and heading home.  St. Edmund’s is a great school and the rest of the class loved it.