Special Awards for Science Week

Once again we have had some wonderful projects and experiments prepared and presented by the pupils during Science Week this half term. We have seen a full array of presentations from demonstrations, posters, power points, models, and videos.  All of these wonderful projects help to explain various science topics, such as chemical reactions, electricity, magnetism, insulation, forces, density, plants and animals, to name just a few.

It has been a really enjoyable experience for me to see the enthusiasm of the pupils when they proudly present their work to their peers, but also the excitement the pupils show when listening and watching all the fantastic displays, as well as discussing the topics afterwards.

Each pupil was awarded a certificate for contributing to the learning experience, but one pupil from each class was selected to be given the Special Science Week Award.  This task was very hard to judge as all the pupils really worked hard and produced some excellent projects.

Congratulations to all pupils on such a successful and enjoyable Science Week.


Science Teacher

Special Science Awards go to:
Year 1 Biddle Grayson
Year 1 Rooks Rajan
Year  2 Daly Elizabeth
Year 2 Allen Abigail
Year 2 Burgess Gustav
Year 3 Crick Amelia
Year 3 Graves Isabelle
Year 4 Bull Sienna
Year 4 Lane Louis
Year 5 Newbigging Harry
Year 5 Howard Salome
Year 6 Leeks Louis