Non Uniform Day for Whittingham Kennels

On Wednesday 29 January we held a non uniform day to raise funds for the animal charity Whittingham Kennels.  All children donated a £1 to support this fantastic charity. Our Year 2 School Council representatives Abigail, Harry, and Max researched the charity with Mrs Burgess.  Max and Abigail read out their findings in assembly.  This is what they said:

“Whittingham Kennels is a place where retired greyhounds are being saved in Waltham Abbey.  Please help us raise as much money as we can to keep these dogs comfortable and happy.”


“Some of these dogs have retired from racing. Some have been bullied and some people don’t want them anymore. You can help raise money that will help these lovely greyhounds.”


The donations will go towards food, such as biscuits and sardines, blankets to keep them warm, toys to stop them getting bored and earth and soil for them to dig in.

The kennels also need blankets and quilts etc for the dogs. Please send any that you can spare into the office and Mrs Burgess and Miss Leeks will deliver them to the kennels. Thank you all so much for supporting this very worthy cause.