House Swimming Gala 2020

On Friday 7 February, Coopersale Hall School held its annual Year 3 & 4 House Swimming Gala at Waltham Abbey Leisure Centre. The first races were for our Champion Swimmers; this is a separate competition for the fastest six swimmers in each year group. The medal results are as follows:

Year 3 Year 4
Gold Francesca Gold Oliver
Silver James Silver Ewan
Bronze Lucas Bronze Niamh
Bronze Jessica Bronze Oliver

The next races were part of the House Swimming Gala where all the pupils take part in races that score points for their school house. When all the points were added up the winning house was Willow. Results of the House Swimming Gala: First – Willow 54 Points – Second Oak & Beech 43 Points – Third Chestnut 40 Points.

Thank you to all the pupils who took part it was a really enjoyable event.