Science Discovery Day – Year 5 Crack the Case

On Tuesday 11 February, 6 Year 5 pupils were selected to attend a Science Discovery Day at Haileybury School.  Pupils had to process evidence found at a crime scene in order to deduce and prove who the murderer was.

Pupils worked well together, testing soil pH, to try and find the location of the crime.

They completed some fingerprint analysis, linking suspects to the weapons used. They then carefully completed some flame tests on samples found on the victim to link with samples found on the suspects.

Microscopes were used to observe and compare fibre samples found at the crime scene with ones from the suspects. After analysing some ink samples using chromatography, and interpreting blood sample data, the pupils then started to interpret all their data in order to come up with a suspect.

All the pupils worked well collecting and processing their evidence, concluding and presenting their findings, and correctly identifying the person who had committed the crime.

To finish off the day they made a necklace which contained a sample of their own DNA!