Year 6 Bikeability

On Monday 16 March until Wednesday 18 March, Year 6 took part in Bikeability.

Everyone started off on Level 1 on the AstroTurf. We learnt how to do the ABC check which is a rule that you have to do before getting on your bike. A stands for the air that goes into your wheel, B is for brakes to check that they’re working properly, C stands for the chain to make sure they’re working properly too.

Everyone succeeded Level 1, so the girls moved on to the road for Level 2. We practiced looking back every time we set off and stopped. We now know that we’re always supposed to be in sharing/secondary (which is when you’re about an arm length away from the pavement) when we are on a straight road. We also practiced left turns where you indicate left to turn into a minor road.

On the next day, we learnt how to do a right out turn which is where you’re on a minor road and you indicate right only if there is traffic behind you. It’s quite scary because if you are not in hogging/primary (which is when you’re in the middle of your lane) a car will overtake you. We learnt that you have to be in hogging/primary on every turn you do.

On Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday morning, the boys did the same thing as the girls.

The hardest part about Bikeability is cycling up the huge hill towards our school because your legs start to get tired as you’re going up.

Everyone enjoyed Bikeability and we all got our badges at the end.

By Francesca & Nia.