5N’s Easter Poems

“5N have been thinking about what Easter means to them. We all come from different backgrounds and we have written what Easter means to us in a poem. We’ve then put all of them together to form a series of poems. We hope you enjoy them. Thank you.”
By Riya

Roses are red, Violets are blue;

I’m excited about Easter, I hope you are too!

Eggs are hatching with a crack, chicks emerging for a snack;

Bunnies are hopping like mad, this time of year you can’t be sad.


I like days out with family and friends

Because fun with them never ends.

Time off school, we need to relax,

Just sit back and chillax!

Dresses in Spring. Oh, yeah, they’re back.

It’s sunny now, so ‘bye’ to rain macs.

Look at the baby animals, give them a stroke.

I see a unicorn! Oh, no, it’s a goat!

Sharing is caring, so let’s share the love,

Share your Easter eggs – just don’t grudge.

Easter is a time to turn a new leaf,

Let your mind go free so there is no grief.


The flowers are in bloom, don’t forget the blossoms.

The fireworks go boom, beautiful colours.

Now is time for lambs and chicks; they’re so cute-what could be better.

A bunch of bobbing daffodils with a beautiful, hand-made letter.

Chocolate eggs and bunnies, it’s time to hunt around.

Outside it’s nice and sunny, look what I’ve found!

Spending time with family, it’s a quiet Maundy Thursday.

Cuddle up together, it’s special, it’s my birthday.


Easter eggs equal chocolate, I also love family too.

I hope you’re having a good Easter; I am too.

I really like Easter, for a new start.

I like sacrificing things for a good heart.

I like when family comes together,

It warms up my body with joy!


Today is the day, the special Easter day, the day for fun for all.

Easter egg hunts, chocolate and more, festivals great and small.

Birds are chirping, lambs are lurking, in the cool fields.

Children squeal, mother makes meals, for me and all my brothers.


Easter is really important to me because

I love cute animals and chocolate.

I hope you love chocolate because I do too.

The reason we celebrate Easter is because

Jesus rose from the dead.

The Greeks even celebrate with fireworks.

Have a good Easter and try to remember Jesus, too.


Do you know how Easter began?

Well, let me tell you:

Jesus went to Jerusalem

The Leaders didn’t like it;

The people praised Him;

The Leaders didn’t like it.

He destroyed the Temple market;

The Leaders didn’t like it.

He said the Temple was for prayer and peace;

They said He was dangerous.

They put Him on a cross to kill Him;

God did better and resurrected Him.

Now you know how Easter began.


There are flowers in bloom to light up the gloom;

Bunnies and Easter eggs, chicks walking on their legs.

Sunny smiles …  that smile for miles;

The little animals playing together; no need to complain about the weather.