PE With Milo

We are so proud of Year 2 pupil Milo, who is raising money for the NHS after being inspired by Joe Wicks.

Milo has been doing PE with Joe Wicks since school closed. In April, Joe used a spinning wheel to choose what exercises should be done and Milo thought it was brilliant. So much so that Milo made his own spinning wheel and did another HIIT workout that afternoon.  Since then, as well as doing PE with Joe 5 x a week, he has also done his own HIIT session every weekday afternoon.  He does it just like Joe, giving instructions on how to do the exercises, thanking all his (pretend) live streamers for watching and he does shout outs to people around the world.

Milo has managed to take his PE to the another level during the last week and in the last 24hrs he has raised £750 for the NHS with more to come, I am sure.  Here’s how it happened..

Milo is planning to do his workout every weekday until school opens again –  and maybe even longer! His mum has set up an Instagram page for him (@Milo_the_Mini_Coach) so  you can see how he gets on every day. His parents are also sponsoring Milo for every workout and have set up a Just Giving page where others can sponsor him to raise money for NHS Charities Together:

So far Milo has raised £880! Well done!