Riya’s Wet Play Report

On Monday 5th October, I walked around the school with Mrs Boultwood. We went into KS1 classrooms and I stood in the doorway taking photos while the children were playing with their games and toys.

I asked the children some questions such as “Do you enjoy playing this game?” From Year 2 Burgess some of the comments were:

India, playing Operation: “I like this game because its fun, you have to get the most money and the nose goes red if you lose.”

Oliver was playing a game called Connect 4 with his friend, and he explained to us that the aim of the game was to try and make four in a row.

In Year 2 Surtees the children were doing a mixture of work and playing games.

Ella was playing with Kinetic Sand: Ella described to us that, “I enjoy playing with the Kinetic Sand because its really fun and messy!”

Lots of other children commented that they had played with this toy many times, and really enjoyed it.

I also questioned Year 6 Howard’s class. Some of the children commented on the games that they enjoy playing.

Neve, playing Dobble: “There are two different versions of this game, they’re both really challenging and fun to play. These versions are better than the original game.”

Ben, playing Marble Run:  “This game is really fun, you have to try and make an obstacle course for the marble to run down. It’s satisfying and creative.”

Nancy, playing Googly Eyes: “You have to put on glasses that have a pattern on them, and you have to try to draw pictures with them on; your friends have to try and guess what the drawing is. It’s really challenging and funny to see the picture is just a scribble when you take the glasses off.”

I would like to say a huge THANK YOU to FOCHS for these wonderful wet play toys and games.

Thank you for reading my report.

Written by Riya, School Council Secretary.