Remembrance Day Display

In remembrance of all those lost, the pupils at Coopersale Hall School collaborated on a display to mark Remembrance Day.  They used lots of different mediums to create their poppies and purple poppies were included by Year 3 Crick in remembrance of all of the service animals lost.

“The first Remembrance Day was held on the 11/11/1919. It was not planned but became a tradition, here is what happened: on the 11/11/1919, at 11am, everything went silent, there was no gun cry nor machines. Many soldiers were struck by the beauty of the poppies that grew at their feet on the battlefield after the fighting had stopped. Later, the poppy became a symbol of remembrance of those who had served in the battles. The red part of the poppies represents the blood of the soldiers that have died in the war, the green part represents life and the black represents death. We also have red poppies to represent humans and purple poppies to represent the animals that died such as horses, since they were the main mode of transport in WW1. Remembrance day is also known as Armistice Day.”

By Jaspreet, Head Girl and Sorrel, Vice Head Girl