Year 1 Daly Art Gallery

Year 1 Daly are doing the topic ‘Houses’ this term and have continued this theme into their art lessons, looking at the way different artists have depicted and used houses in their work.

Pupils first looked at the way Lowry painted houses in the industrial north and took ideas from his work to inform their own pictures. They used chalk pastels to create the smoky grey landscape. Whilst they were doing their artwork, they listened to a song called ‘Matchstalk Cats and Dogs’ which is a tribute to Lowry.

They also looked at Vincent Van Gogh’s painting ‘The Bedroom’. To create the same colours as Van Gogh, pupils mixed primary colours for their own pictures.

Finally, Year 1 enjoyed looking at the way Marc Chagall painted ‘Paris through the window’. They loved the use of bright colours and his funny pictures of acrobats. They took ideas from his work for their own pictures and used Aquarelle water soluble pencils to create a watercolour effect. They enjoyed putting a cat on their window ledge too!

Year 1 Daly painted some fantastic pictures, great work!