Kobi’s Fundraising

We are very proud of our pupil Kobi who has completed a sponsored head shave to raise money for The Kids Cancer Charity.

“On Saturday 23rd January, I saw a documentary on children with cancer, so I wanted to do my part in this world of diseases like cancer. Cancer is a horrible thing to think about  as children die every day with cancer. Hundreds of innocent adults and children die from this treacherous disease, it went through my mind what I could do to play a role to ease their suffering. I created a link for people and for family and friends to donate to me so I told all of my family and friends if they would like to donate to me my goal was £500 and if I hit that goal I would shave all my hair off but that was if I hit £500. I thought I would hit that goal in a few weeks or a month, and because of my amazingly generous family and friends, we raised £500 in less than four hours. I hit my goal I was in shock my heart was racing I couldn’t believe it.

As I made my promise that if I hit £500 I would shave all my hair so I did. I Facetimed all my family and friends so they could see my reaction live when my dad shaved my hair and as we were doing it more and more donations came in and when I went to bed with a nice, bald head before I knew it I opened up the app the next morning and had already raised £1000. Tears of joy and happiness came out of my eyes I couldn’t thank my family and friends enough.”

By Kobi

You can find Kobi’s JustGiving page here: https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/kobi-cohen1