Play Ground Fun!

It is lovely that the longer days have finally arrived and the children are settling back into school.  We are always delighted to see how inventive they can be during their break-times.  Here are some of the highlights…

Hoopla Fun:   Hoops of fun, Hoola Hooping, Challenge  to see who can keep to hoop up the longest!

Ball Fun: Kick about, Football, Catch, Rest on it, Share it

Fantasy Fun: Mine Craft Convention, Fairy House Building, Wander through the Forest, The children have such creative imaginations!

Collecting Daisies with friends, Making a  piece of Daisy art inspired by Andy Goldsworthy!

Classic Play Ground Fun:  Skipping, Running and Chatting together. After spending so long apart the children love any time spent together!

When our breaks are over and it is time to go back into class, we line up ready to begin our learning.