History And Art Collide During A Very Creative Week At Coopersale Hall School!

The children have enjoyed learning about different aspects of history and from these lessons they have also created many different styles of art, some of which are proudly displayed in the library here at Coopersale Hall School.

Portrait of Henry V111

Inspired by the work of Hans Holbein the Younger, the children in Year 2 have created their own Henry

First the children very carefully drew and outline of Henry V111. Then, inspired by pictures of him, they selected materials in rich, royal colours.  Their aim was to reflect the grandeur of the Tudor costumes and culture.

The children painted their pictures using fine brush strokes and then enhanced their portraits with feathers, sequins and tiny coloured jewels to create a 3-D effect.

Florie: I enjoyed decorating my painting with jewels and feathers.

Henry: I loved painting Henry V111 because I like the patterns and it made me feel calm.

Mrs Burgess and Miss Surtees were delighted with all the work that was produced and found it extremely difficult to select some pieces to be displayed in the library.

Tudor Houses

Year 5 used the medium of clay to reproduce 2D models of Tudor houses.  Texturing the thatch and the flowers around the doors required some skilful work.

Did you know that beetles and other insects would live in, and fall through, the thatch? That is why the four poster bed was invented with its protective ceiling which allowed the people in the bed to rest and sleep without the fear of a beetle landing on them in the night.

A selection of these lovely pieces can be enjoyed in the library.  The remainder are being displayed on the mantelpiece in the Year 5 classroom.  There has been a lot of thought put into these pieces and I hope you agree that all the Tudor houses look wonderful.

The Victorians

Year 6 have learnt about the Victorian Age.  They considered the Victorian love for nature and their own hobbies and decided to combine these aspects together.

They used the first letter of their names as a starting point, and designed a tile which they coloured in.  From these designs they created clay tiles, painted and glazed them. These pieces are on the back wall of the library for you to enjoy.