Year 6 Are Road Ready After Bikeability Course

Year 6 took part in a bikeability course this week, learning all about the rules of the road and how to ride safely. Check out the video at the bottom of the page to see the pupils in action!

Here’s what a few of the pupils had to say about the course…


Felix  said ” I feel more confident on the road and I have learnt more about riding a bike on the road. I feel like the instructors were very professional and good at instructing the children. I didn’t know what a U turn was but now I know how to do them. I wish i could do more bikeability.”


Kobi said “I thought the instructors were amazing. I thin I did learn a lot, I didn’t know what  a U turn was  at all but now I know a U turn is. I was scared to go on the road but i am now very comfortable to go on the road and I can’t wait to use the skills ‘ve learnt. Now when I’m cycling I know what a secondary and primary position is.”


Jack said ” Bikeability was a very enjoyable and exciting experience of my life, It was something new and it was something exciting to wait for and know that it wouldn’t get cancelled because of Covid-19.

When I did Bikeability it made me think there’s more to biking than meets the eye, for example we learnt about junctions, different turns, minor roads, major roads and many more.

P.S. thank you Peter and Natalia for the Bikeability.”