Year 1 Bring The Seaside To The Classroom

Inspired by the Katie Morag books by Mairi Hedderwick, Year 1 Daily and Biddle have been creating their own seaside pictures.  The children spent time looking at the illustrations and talked about how the sea had different colours in it.  They also looked at the perspective of the mountains in the background and how the further away things were the lighter in colour they appeared to be.

Then the fun began…

They drizzled the paint onto the page, taking care to find the colours that best matched the different colours in the sea.  They took the red comb and carefully blended the colours, moving up and down to create the waves in the sea.  Bit messy but extremely good fun, causing much enjoyment and smiling faces.

Once they had created the waves, they left this to dry and continued by creating their lighhouses and rolling mountains. They also added the things that they would expect to see when going to the seaside.

These beautiful pieces used many different techniques and mediums.  They used their observational skills to created their own beach scene and appreciated that there can be many processes involved before the final piece is finished.


These pictures make you think of hot summer days and what we would pack for a day at the seaside.

These are our finished pieces displayed in our class room.  Summer is definitely on its way – don’t forget your parasol.


The children were asked what their favourite pert of the task was:

Annabelle – I liked painting the sea because we used a tool to make the waves.


Lila – I loved painting the clouds with the squashy sponge.


Ralph – My favourite thing was drawing the stripes on the beach hut.


Robyn – I enjoyed making the sandwiches with glittery paper.


Annie-I had fun doing the fishes.


Theo-My favourite thing was sprinkling the sand.


Carter – I liked scraping the sea with different colours.


Reeva- Colouring the beach huts.


Nicholas- Gluing things on and getting sticky.


Felicity- I liked colouring the people.


Beatrice- Sticking on the sand.