Year 2 Learn All About The Importance Of Music And Dance In African Culture

In Year 2, we have been learning how music and dance play an important role in everyday life in Africa. There are many musical styles and cultures. African instruments come in different shapes and sizes and include drums, strings and percussion instruments.

In Year 2, we have created our own African instruments.

The children loved making traditional instruments using recycled materials including: metal, plastic, wood and cardboard. They filled their instruments with rice, beads and couscous.

The children researched their instrument of choice and then presented it to the class with a demonstration. We would like to form a band!

“It was such fun making my rain stick. It makes a calming noise,” commented Oliver.  He told me that it would come in handy to keep the class quiet!

Florie decorated her African monkey drum with animal pictures and colourful patterns. “It sounds like me clapping,” she remarked.

India summed it up with, “It’s fun to be creative!”