Reception Go On The Hunt For Mini Beasts!

This has been another eventful week in Reception Marks.

The children have been learning all about mini beasts. The children went on a minibeasts hunt around the school grounds. They each had a clipboard. They worked together in pairs to see how many different minibeasts they could find.

Then in art they were each given a piece of clay with a minibeasts imprinted on it. They were shown how to paint it carefully. The children then individually and carefully painted their mini beasts.


The children have been learning about Verbs this week. The children completed lots of different PE activities in order for them to understand what a verb is. They then wrote about their activities including verbs in their writing.


In Maths the children have been consolidating take away. They are confident to use a number line to show their working out. We created an extra large number line for the children to use and show their working out.