When The Sun Is Shining Year 5 Take To The Field For A Game Of Hoop Master!

Weather permitting, the children take their breaks on the field, a lovely change from the playground.  They continue to amaze us with their imaginations.  It is lovely to see them enjoying the change of scene and how they use it.  These are some highlights.

The perfect time and an ideal place for a bit of footie.


There is always time to just enjoy the field and obviously create a new game – just as long as everyone follows the rules:

Name of Game: Hoop Master

Rules:    Don’t get hit by a hoop (any hoop)! NO FIGHTING

Hoops: Yellow: Warning Hit

Red:       You are in lava (for one round)

Blue:      Frozen to spot (for one round)

Green:  In a void (for one round)

Game must be played on a hill of any size.