A Busy Week In Upper Kindergarten!

We love finding fun ways to do our maths lessons in Upper Kindergarten. The children love going on number and shape hunts, finding numbers and shapes in sand or water and many different adventures that involve maths. Here, the children are taking it in turns to roll the dice to find the correct number and spots on the dinosaur prints. They love working as a team and showing us how quickly they can do it. The children are confident when recognising numbers and love counting different objects and singing counting songs. We have been busy this term doing positional language and working out where the object is. The children have also started to look at weight and capacity and love using scales to weigh objects in the class. In the picture below, we are estimating how many star jumps we can do in 10 seconds. The children loved seeing if they were close and doing some super quick star jumps! We make sure our lessons are always fun and energetic so the children are having fun while learning.


The children have also seen the butterflies develop and now they are able to let them go.  They have very much enjoyed doing this, and it’s been a great opportunity to get up close to nature.


The children love weekly yoga lessons and trying different poses and breathing exercises. We also play different yoga games and enjoy doing poses to stories.

This benefits the children’s physical development as well as their emotional and social skills. We enjoy doing positive affirmations and looking at how important it is to be a kind friend and share.


Upper Kindergarten love taking part in the lesson and can concentrate well. They especially enjoy the relaxation at the end of the session!


We love doing different arts and crafts in Upper Kindergarten. Each term, we do different crafts for our topic and the Seasons. The children have loved making different Under the Sea crafts this term for our topic and have been busy making sea creatures with paints, glitters, tissue paper and glue! We have made ice-creams, picnics, bees, flowers and ladybirds for our Summer board.

Our topics have also been Life Cycles and How does our body work and we loved doing activities and crafts with this! The children love seeing their work on the displays board.

After so much work we enjoy our breaks on the front lawn with our friends.