Reception Use Recycled Objects In New Art Project!

The children in Reception are learning the topic “All Creatures Great and Small”.  In RG the children loved recycling and decorating a plastic bottle to make a fish.  We talked about looking after our world including our oceans and the importance of recycling.

In Reception Smith they have started the topic by learning about the story of Noah’s Ark.  They discussed the animals entering two by two and the different types, both big and small, that got onto the Ark.

They also made paper plate sheep, as they felt that the cutest animals born in the spring were lambs.  They also explored the world of mini beasts and had fun learning about how mini beasts contribute to our world and environment.

They have also produced a gallery of “cubism” style animal pictures, which they really enjoyed working on.

In Reception Marks the children have also been discussing and making different animals.  They made cotton wool sheep, put animals into their Noah’s Ark and they painted animals that lived under the sea. The children also were asked to paint their pets or their favourite animals.

These are some of the comments that children made about the animals that they painted:

Oliver:             My lizard is black and brown.  It eats crickets.

Joseph:            I did my dog Mimi.  I did a big circle and some ears and some swirls for his fur                   then I painted his fur grey.

Frey:                My favourite animal is a duck because he is my friend Jelly Bean.

Woolfe:           My favourite animal is a dog because they have legs.