Year 6 Stubbers Adventure Day

Year 6 have commenced their activities days which took place at Stubbers Adventure Centre in Upminster.  When we arrived we were taken to our hut, which was our base for the day, and were given our safety instructions and our rota for the day’s events.  We were put in two groups to commence our fun.

Our first scheduled event was Archery.  We sat along the back of the bunker, listened to the safety instructions, attached our arm support, and were shown how to handle the bow and where to put the arrows in the correct position.  We were amazed how hard it was to pull the bow back with the arrow in it ready to shot the target! We were thrilled when we hit the target, and some even got the bulls eye.

For our next activity we worked in teams to win the battle Laser Wars.  We were delighted to do test our team building skills and working together to win! We really enjoyed this.  We could not believe that the morning had gone so quickly.

After we had enjoyed our lunch, we were ready to go canoeing.  We put on our life jackets, listen to the instructor as he told us how to use the paddles.  It was a lovely way to spend a few hours and really enjoy the sunshine.

For the final part of the afternoon we climbed the wall and we walked the ropes.  Everyone did what they were happy to do and were delighted with their achievements.